Feel It, Taste It, Celebrate It.
If that sounds like a contradiction, we say:
Welcome to The Brewhouse Inn & Suites. A place where post-Victorian steampunk meets King Gambrinus swag. And enormous turn-of-the-20th century copper brewing kettles stand watch over blue-ribbon hospitality.
The Second Story
The Second Story is about the transformation of a once blighted historic urban neighborhood and the memories former Pabst employees have, and continue to share.
Green is in

We’re proud to show off our green roof! The Brewhouse Inn & Suites project has much more to offer than the aesthetically-pleasing historical steel, wood and cream city brick used for its re-purposing. The Brewhouse Inn & Suites offers a public guest terrace and three Baron Terrace suites where guests can take in sweeping views of the city from the west or east (dependent on side of hotel). Guests can also enjoy the beautiful, thriving plant life on the roof that helps filter stormwater and minimize stress on our local sewer systems. In addition, there are many other environmental benefits of a green roof! Green is in. Click here to learnĀ more about the many benefits of green roofs.  

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THE BREWHOUSE INN & SUITES | 1215 N 10TH ST . MILWAUKEE, WI 53205 | 414-810-3350