Feel It, Taste It, Celebrate It.
If that sounds like a contradiction, we say:
Welcome to The Brewhouse Inn & Suites. A place where post-Victorian steampunk meets King Gambrinus swag. And enormous turn-of-the-20th century copper brewing kettles stand watch over blue-ribbon hospitality.
The Second Story
The Second Story is about the transformation of a once blighted historic urban neighborhood and the memories former Pabst employees have, and continue to share.
Beer & Baseball

The first official baseball game between The Knickerbockers and the New York Baseball Club in 1846 was a front for a really great champagne supper that all team members from both sides were anxiously awaiting.   The event was a huge success and weekly meetings continued throughout the summer season. As the game quickly spread to other parts of the United States that were more rural, the celebrations that inevitably went along with the games’ outcome changed as more of those working long hours took time out to enjoy more leisure time activity.  Families would take picnics to games and cheer their favorite players to victory and of course, with them came beer.  Lots and lots of beer.   Whether it was the appeal of the images of playing ball in a field on a warm, sunny afternoon or the camaraderie of a group cheering on a team, the celebrations […]

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