Feel It, Taste It, Celebrate It.
If that sounds like a contradiction, we say:
Welcome to The Brewhouse Inn & Suites. A place where post-Victorian steampunk meets King Gambrinus swag. And enormous turn-of-the-20th century copper brewing kettles stand watch over blue-ribbon hospitality.
The Second Story
The Second Story is about the transformation of a once blighted historic urban neighborhood and the memories former Pabst employees have, and continue to share.
Congratulations Pabst!!

Today is cause for great jubilation for the city of Milwaukee and the Milwaukee brewing industry as Pabst announces their return to where it all began.  While it is exciting and and truly awesome that the new owner of Pabst shares our perspective that all that’s old is new again, we are reminded each and every day that Pabst never really left. Though that dreadful day in 1996 when Pabst abruptly closed its Milwaukee operation is a harsh reminder about the casualties of business, signs of Pabst’s rich history, humble roots and epic vision are visible throughout The Brewery complex.   The planning and care taken in designing each of the buildings so they would complement each other still exists today.  Curious visitors marvel at what they believe are bricked over windows only to be surprised to find out they were deliberately built that way to add texture and character […]

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