Feel It, Taste It, Celebrate It.
If that sounds like a contradiction, we say:
Welcome to The Brewhouse Inn & Suites. A place where post-Victorian steampunk meets King Gambrinus swag. And enormous turn-of-the-20th century copper brewing kettles stand watch over blue-ribbon hospitality.
The Second Story
The Second Story is about the transformation of a once blighted historic urban neighborhood and the memories former Pabst employees have, and continue to share.
Milwaukee’s Vision Continues.

It is hard to envision just how busy Milwaukee was between the 1830′s and the 1880′s.   In 1837 Milwaukee’s population was 6,500.  By 1857 it was 40,000. When the Best family purchased their first lots on Chestnut Street Hill, they paid $190 to build their first brewery and malt house.  They managed to get their new business up and running in under a year.  Considering the enormous demand for building materials and a still very infant rail, shipping and hauling system in Milwaukee, their feat of accomplishment is all the more impressive. Milwaukee was teeming with energy and excitement at every turn.  Trying to keep up with the demand for wood, iron, stone and bricks and all the other building materials was beyond a full time job for enterprising entrepreneurs.  Add to that the thousands of new residents pouring into the city every day looking for housing while they […]

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