At The Brewhouse, we’ve taken the idea of a simple stay and turned it into a historic, memorable and genuine Milwaukee experience. Modern comforts. Artful décor. Unparalleled service. Thoughtful green initiatives. These aren’t extras, but simply the way we run things. All-in-all, The Brewhouse is a collection of everything that makes Milwaukee famous—including the brew. After all, what could be more Milwaukee than sleeping in a historic brewery where you’re welcomed by the stained glass visage of the patron saint of beer brewing? Prost!!

    Today, soaring and joyful fusions of mixed metals, well-kept copper tops and a King offering a perpetual toast to good health greet all of the Brewhouse Inn & Suites guests and visitors.

    Then, they made mash, then boiled, bottled and sold the brew that created the “Made in Milwaukee Blue Ribbon” experience.

    Explore the rich history of the iconic Pabst Brewery and the evolution into Milwaukee’s own “blue ribbon” hotel of today.
  • The beginning of the legendary Pabst Brewery can be traced back to 1844, when Jacob Best, Sr., and his four sons, Phillip, Jacob, Jr., Charles and Lorenz, established the Best & Company brewery in the growing frontier town of Milwaukee. The Bests built their brewery a short distance from the Milwaukee River at its current location, they purchased two lots on Chestnut Ave which is now West Juneau Avenue.
  • To improve the quality of the company’s early brews, Phillip Best drafted plans for the first copper brew kettle and partnered with coppersmith AJ Langworthy to build it. In exchange for his help, Langworthy was paid on a “lifetime installment plan,” entitling him to free beer from the Bests for the rest of his life.
  • Eventually Phillip Best became the sole proprietor of his family company, and upon retirement in 1865 offered the brewery to son-in-law Frederick Pabst for the sum of $21,000. Pabst had a grand vision to expand production and distribution while turning the brewery and its beer into an American cultural icon. By 1877, the brewery grew to become the nation’s third largest.
  • By 1869, the Best Brewing Co. was using 15,000 tons of ice annually to keep its lager chilled, a number that would grow as the company’s beer became more desired.
  • A two-story stained glass window depicting King Gambrinus, the “patron saint” of beer and brewing, was commissioned by Frederick Pabst to inspire the brewery’s employees and welcome the public to their new home away from home.
  • Before becoming the moniker for Pabst’s most famous brew, blue ribbons were given as a thank you to guests of the brewery’s free tour – one of the first brewery tours worldwide. Pabst purchased more than 400,000 yards of blue silk ribbon each year to distribute to guests.
  • In 1889, the brewery was officially renamed the Pabst Brewing Company, just as blue ribbons began being tied on bottles of Best Select beer. By 1899, Best Select became Pabst Blue Ribbon beer and Pabst’s dream of owning the world’s largest brewery came true.
  • Five years after releasing Pabst Blue Ribbon, Frederick Pabst passed away at the height of his company’s success. In his wake, he left an extensive plan for growth and a grand vision for the company to go forth into the new century.
  • With the onset of Prohibition in 1919, Pabst Brewing Co. crafted creative alternatives to beer. Near Beer, “Pabstette Cheese,” Pabst “Wonder Cheese,” malt syrups, powders and extracts became the source for continued growth.
  • For the first half of the 20th
    century, Pabst Brewing Company was the largest brewer in the world.
  • With increased competition and a changing America, the Pabst brand began to slip in the mid-1960s.

    Price cuts, marketing changes and union battles led to Pabst announcing its departure from Milwaukee in 1996. By that August, brewing operations had left Wisconsin and the historic brewery shut its doors.
  • For ten years, the brewery complex sat as an empty reminder of a once-thriving legacy. In 2006, Joseph A. Zilber, a Milwaukee commercial real estate developer and local philanthropist, purchased the property with a vision of transforming the iconic landmark into a beautifully sustainable neighborhood known simply as The Brewery.
  • The Brewhouse’s front desk is built from more than 1,550 beer bottles from Milwaukee-based breweries. In addition to renovating The Brewhouse to what it is today, the contractors were tasked with “emptying” the bottles. Each week, workers were given a case of beer and asked to return the empty bottles to create the iconic front desk.
  • Completed in April 2013, The Brewhouse Inn & Suites features 90 luxuriously furnished suites with full kitchens. The suites offer stunning views of downtown Milwaukee, and, in truly historic fashion, contain reclaimed wood from the original Pabst Brewery.
Travel Green

We wanted to make a real investment in Milwaukee by thoughtfully developing a sustainable, green neighborhood. We’ve gone to great lengths to make sure the Brewhouse Inn and Suites is in the LEED-certified Brewery Development. From development to construction, the Brewery has achieved Platinum Certification and is on track to be one of Urban America’s premier sustainable neighborhoods. This responsibly planned gateway to Milwaukee’s great downtown offers residents and guests alike a place to work, live, learn and play. Gorman & Company has developed innovative and catalytic properties in partnership with communities across the country.

Door-to-door Valet Parking is available 24/hours a day with unlimited in-out access. Drive up to the main entrance of the hotel to unload and have your vehicle parked by one of our friendly, attentive attendants.
Standard Valet Parking: $26/night

Fees vary. Discounted parking rates are available for guests staying 30 nights or more. Please call for more info. (414) 810-3350.

Note: Parking is independently operated and not affiliated with The Brewhouse Inn & Suites. Parking is at your own risk and rates are subject to change without advance notice unless booked in advance or otherwise stated.
how to find us
FROM CHICAGO: Take I-94/I-43 North towards downtown Milwaukee and take exit 72A ramp towards N. 10th Street. Continue on N. 10th street 0.3 miles. The hotel valet stand and main entrance will be on your left.

FROM MADISON: Take I-94 East towards downtown Milwaukee and follow signs towards Green Bay (I43 North) to Exit 73A (Fond du Lac Ave. and McKinley Ave) and turn East (Right) and follow to N. 6th Street. Turn right onto N. 6th Street (South) until you get to Juneau Ave. Turn right onto Juneau Ave and follow Juneau Ave through the roundabout until you get to the corner of 10th and Juneau. Turn right on 9th for self-parking garage. Turn right on 10th for Valet parking (Hotel will be on the left).

FROM GREEN BAY: Take I-43 South towards downtown Milwaukee to Exit 73A (Fond du Lac Ave. and McKinley Ave) and turn East (Left) and follow to N. 6th Street. Turn right onto N. 6th Street (South) until you get to Juneau Ave. Turn right onto Juneau Ave and follow Juneau Ave through the roundabout until you get to the corner of 10th and Juneau. Turn right on 9th for self-parking garage. Turn right on 10th for Valet parking (Hotel will be on the left).
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